The Free Software Mirror Group wouldn't exist without support from our generous sponsors. If you're interested in sponsoring an addition to the mirrors or other enhancements to our services please contact sponsorship@fsmg.org.nz


REANNZ provide reliable, high capacity and high speed networking to New Zealand's top researchers and educators. Learn more about REANNZ

REANNZ provide FSMG with rackspace and connectivity in two data centres.


SiteHost provides world class hosting to New Zealand businesses with Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Servers and Cloud Containers. Learn more about SiteHost

SiteHost provides FSMG with a VM for running our monitoring systems.


Metaname is a .nz authorised domain name regsistrar. Learn more about Metaname

Metaname provide us with domain registrations.

Pulse Security

Pulse Security is a specialist information security consultancy. Learn more about Pulse Security

Pulse Security provided hard drives for our storage arrays.

Vetta Online

Vetta Online are New Zealand's "big little telco", with a network and service level that exceed expectations. Learn more about Vetta Online

Vetta Online provided provided hard drives for our storage arrays.


Advantage are one of New Zealand's longest running IT providers. Learn more about Advantage

Advantage provided FSMG with additional RAM for our Wellington and Hamilton nodes.


Catalyst provide open source solutions and services for a wide variety of organisations, including schools, universities, government departments, small businesses and major corporations. Learn more about Catalyst

Catalyst provided FSMG with servers for our Wellington and Hamilton nodes and DNS hosting.


Insomnia Security was a New Zealand based company dedicated to providing highly specialised information security consultancy services. In September of 2020 Insomnia Security was acquired by CyberCX.

Insomnia provided FSMG with initial funding for hard drives for our Wellington and Hamilton nodes.

ZX Security

ZX Security provided penetration testing, solution design review, NZISM alignment, open source intelligence and training. In October of 2023 ZX Security was acquired by the Bastion Security Group.

ZX Security provided additional hardware for our Wellington and Hamilton nodes.

WAND Group

WAND was a research group at the University of Waikato Computer Science Department. They were involved in a wide range of projects mostly focused around network measurement. The WAND group ended in 2022.

WAND provided general support for the FSMG project.