Privacy Policy

The FSMG team and community are required to adhere to our Code of Conduct.

Here are the ways you can interact with the FSMG, and what information we will collect about you when you do. In general we strive to minimise the amount of information we collect about our users out of respect for their privacy.

Where any information needs to be manipulated, viewed or transmitted we'll do our best to make sure the privacy of our users is respected. This might mean removing IP addresses from logs, for instance, and tightly controlling who has access to our systems where logs are kept.

We will comply with requests from law enforcement as required by law.

In the event of an attack on our systems we may permanently store logs of the attack traffic for the purposes of investigation.

In the event of a security breach we will make an announcement informing our users via our website at the conclusion of any investigation in agreement with applicable entities.

When using our mirror services (over HTTP, HTTPS or rsync) and our website

We keep access logs for 15 days to enable capacity planning, performance monitoring and fault investigations. These logs will contain your IP address, a timestamp of the request, what you accessed and may contain details of what software or browser you used to make the connection. After 15 days these logs will be deleted.

We may keep some firewall logs for longer as they contain records of bad traffic we would like to block. Keeping these logs allows us to block this traffic over a longer period.

When communicating with us by e-mail

Your e-mail and associated metadata will be stored by individual members of the FSMG team who receive it. They will keep this information private. The general content of e-mail (e.g. mirroring requests) may be discussed in the public FSMG IRC channel, however private details of the e-mail sender will not be shared in public.

When using our GitLab and GitHub pages

The operators of GitLab and GitHub will have their own privacy policies concerning what information they collect and publish about you when you use these services. Please check with them if you're unsure about the implications of this use.

When chatting in the FSMG IRC channel

The FSMG IRC channel is a public space that anyone can join. Your messages there may be logged or forwarded in to other services (e.g. cloud-based IRC clients) outside of our control.

If you have questions about this policy please contact us